Himalayan Rock Salt History

Himalayan rock salt history is discovery from back 326 BC, These first mines discover by Alexander the great worrier horses. When he came with troops near these salt mines area, When he passed through this place, he stayed here for few days. During this period Alexander horses found and react naturally to lick Himalayan rock Salt Mountain. Then that time there was no proper city near this area, They are the first founder of Himalayan salt animals licks and Himalayan Salt from the mines of Khewra near Pind dadan Khan The Tehsil of Jhelum. Himalayan salt animals licks are very beneficial and liking meal for horses and other animals. That,s why that the main reason Horses of Alexander the great army licking. But the first time when Janjua people of Punjab rule there in 1200 they start mining from this region of Khewra salt mines.

Himalayan rock salt history 800 Million Year Old

Himalayan rock salt history are from existing here from the ancient time. The Geologist believe that these Himalayan Salt Mines are from 800 Year Old. These Himalayan salt are very natural and pure by its purity.

Himalayan Rock Salt History

Himalayn Salt history display on Khewra mine entrance


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