Himalayan Rock Salt Industry Story

Himalayan Rock Salt Industry

Himalayan Rock Salt Industry.

Himalayan rock salt industry started after 2001. Pakistan is very famous for its natural beauty. Every year so many visitors visit northern areas of Pakistan. They not only visit northern regions. They also visit other famous and beautiful parts of Pakistan. Khewara Salt mine is second largest mine in the world. Khewara salt range has to a much vast area. That,s why many people want to visit this place. The artist from other countries visited this place. And they give an idea about handicrafts. First of all, they only produce one or two pieces, as per choice. And when they introduced these products, In their countries, they got much more demands, especially from European countries. Because this light has a lot of health benefits, and it relaxes your environment.Himalayan rock salt is Also best for skin problems.

Himalayan Rock Salt Industry Importers and Exporters Role.

The industry started with the efforts of local community and importers. Who have demands of Himalayan rock salt Products in their countries? We thank all those importers who cooperate with us. And they gave us concrete and demandable ideas. With proper market research. They give us an idea about how we shape Himalayan Rock salt lamps and other products, to meet Himalayan rock salt products customers demand. Due to cold weather countries, they have real demand for massage and detoxing products.

Himalayan rock salt Products industry is on the vast scale. And it’s running in different cities of Pakistan. The exporters of Himalayan rock salt products brought Raw material from various Himalayan Rock Salt mines of Pakistan Like Khewra mines and warcha mines


Pakistan largest Khewra  mine Himalayan-Rock-Salt-Mine

That is second largest Himalayan rock salt mines of the world. M&S manufacture these products on a large scale. That’s why the good importers always wanted to choose a reliable exporter of Himalayan rock salt products.

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