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Malik Irfan And Sons M&S Salt Factory

M&S Himalayan Salt Factory

M&S Himalayan Salt Factory is famous Pakistani Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt manufacturing company, and Exporter focuses significantly on satisfying its customers. But that alone is not reason enough for our clients to choose us over others. M&S would be a smart choice for all because WE ARE 2004 GOVT OF PAKISTAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE CERTIFIED. The chamber of commerce 2004 certification is given to those companies only that meet a set of strict requirements established by International Organization for Standardization. According to the certification, the product should meet the customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


All the goods at M&S Himalayan Salt Factory produced following the strict principles of food safety and hygiene. Our dedicated R&D department is always working on continuously improving the quality of our products.


M&S Himalayan Salt Factory offers a large variety of high-quality products that range from home décor products to industrial grade products. They are available in different grades and sizes depending on our customer’s requirements. These products used in many different industries as raw material and finished goods.




M&S Himalayan Salt Factory R&D department is not only focusing on improving the quality of our products but also focused on innovation of our products and processes. M&S Himalayan Salt Factory is always coming up with different production.

M&S Himalayan Salt Factory (WE CARE)

There are no chemicals or artificial additives used in any of our production processes making our products all natural. The all natural products of M&S Himalayan Salt Factory make them healthy and give them the natural taste that all health and quality conscious customers regard as desirable. Our Valuable Customers are in all over the world. We have the valuable customers have flexible policy to entertain customers in all ways. We offer the own branding and packaging. And Semi products or unfinished products for manufacturing. That, the reason we have a flexible policy for all type of clients in Himalayan salt products.


Himalayan Rock Salt Mines from PAKISTAN




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