Roshan 31
Roshan 31 for feedlot fattening animals

Roshan 31 for feedlot fattening animals. Nowadays Feedlot fattening business is an emerging sector to invest and obviously, it gives a good return on investment, it’s a good future business in Pakistan in fact. While keeping in view demand of fattened animals in the market for local consumption and for the export purpose we have the tailor-made fattening feed for feedlot fattening animals. This product is rich with fattening sources, protein, fiber, energy, mineral and all other required nutrition profile for fattening animals. As per our data during the trial in different farms, we have achieved per day weight gain more than .800 kg per day so we can assure you on the basis of scientific data that this product will return you more than you will invest.
Our product is certified by all relevant departments of Government including quality testing, quantity testing, approved by Livestock & Dairy Development Department. We are preparing our product in accordance with the quality standards of the Punjab Feed Act. After two months of the trial on different corporate and small dairy farmers, I have started providing these products in the market on competitive rates. Farmers who want to get optimum production at low cost, they must use these products. Interested farmers may contact on given numbers to purchase premium feed products produced at Solve Agri. Pak manufacturing unit, approved by all relevant authorities.

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